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Happy Puppy curriculum

September - Hello School

Week 1: good bye holiday - summer, free time, summer activities, holiday

Week 2: Welcome - hello school - introducing ourselves, names, gender, school book, school bag, schedule

Week 3: good night, good morning, ten little Indians - counting

Week 4: night and day, counting, colours

October - Animals, harvest

Week 1: old Mc Donald - farm animals - add names for mummies and babies (daddies) ex. chicken, hen, cock, what we harvesting

Week 2: wild animals, have a nice time - colours, counting - use of sentences ex: This is an owl; The owl is brown, There are two owls..., what to harvest in the wild - mushrooms...

Week 3: happy birthday - age, family, party, balloons, presents, cake, decorations for Halloween - collecting leaves, apples, conkers, rosehips, apples from one's own garden

Week 4: Halloween - choose a mask, make it, make Halloween decorations, scary games, carve the pumpkin

November - the body

Week 1: The body - move your body - vocabulary, verbs for movement - sit, lie down, stand up, walk, run, stop, don't move, turn, backwards, forwards...

Week 2: growing and changing - short, tall, compare children's height, look at development from a baby to an elderly person

Week 3: good or bad, small or big - opposites, find more opposites - hot/cold, heavy/light, dark/light, happy/sad, long/short, lazy/hardworking, in/out, open/closed.....

Week 4: Animal carnival - recognize animals, children to pick from a piece of paper the animal they will be themselves on the carnival day, make masks, have the carnival

December - Merry Christmas

Week 1: recapitulation of September to November

Week 2: Merry Christmas - vocabulary, English/Czech traditions surrounding Christmas, Christmas decorations, getting ready for the show for parents

Week 3: Happy New Year - final preparation, make presents for parents, good bye to the old year

Week 4: -

January - going outside

Week 1: Let's go out - clothes, wardrobe, different occasions, girls, boys, in, out

Week 2: Let's play with the snow - winter sports, likes/dislikes - I like..., I don't like...

Week 3: What is the same - opposites, continuous, add new vocabulary

Week 4:What a mess, tidy up, hide and seek - find pairs, counting - adding, taking off, exercise sentence: Kuba is wearing hat and gloves.....

February - home

Week 1: Home sweet home - vocabulary in the house, your home, favorite room, parents favorite room...

Week 2: East - West, home is best - play a game, compare living in England/Czech rep, learn cardinal points, valentine's day - make a card, talk about English traditions of this day

Week 3:Goldilocks and the Three Bears - read the story, explain, ask additional questions, make children draw their own stories and help with simple sentences under pictures

Week 4: in the bathroom - vocabulary, song, in other rooms of the house - kitchen, living room, bedrooms, loft, cellar, garage, utility room, box room...

March - food and other activities

Week 1: oh, no - action verbs, good/bad, add other action verbs and put in good and bad situations, kids draw two pics for one verb - good/bad, international women's day

Week 2:animals in the house - prepositions, animals, colours, do actions with prepositions, make simple sentences

Week 3: in the kitchen - food, kitchen equipment, daily meals, cooking

Week 4: fruit and vegetable dance, a picnic, I'm very hungry, I'm very thirsty - taste - sour, sweet, savoury, bitter, food for picnics, get your picnic ready with children, what they like or not

April - Easter, seasons, family

Week 1:- Easter - compare traditions of England/Czech Rep, make decorations, get ready, wipe, colour eggs

Week 2: spring, summer, autumn, winter - choose activities for each season, who likes what season, sports for each season

Week 3: family album - make a family tree, discuss family members' responsibilities, likes, dislikes, a big time in your life you remember

Week 4: tell a rhyme, sing a song - weather, feelings, rhymes, songs, favorite song

May- town and transport

Week 1: the city - post office, police, hospital, shops, hotels, industrial zones, schools, universities,

Week 2: going downtown - cultural zones, restaurants, entertainment, cinemas, parks for kids

Week 3: on the road - different roads, different means oftransport, fast/slow, dangerous/safe...

Week 4: recapitulation of January to May

June - looking forward to the holidays

Week 1: Do it, it's your turn - make more commands for children to do, learn about the solar system, stars, universe, children's day !

Week 2: Is it the same - summer sports

Week 3: a happy end - make puppets and play theatre together or in groups

Week 4: good by school year - talk about the holidas coming up, the next school year in a higher grade

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